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Frequently Asked Questions about Birth Photography


Will you post the photos on the internet?

Not unless I have your permission!  I always, always ask your permission to show your images on the internet, so please do not be worried about that.

When do you show up?

Initially you give me a text to let me know you are in early labor so I can begin to get organised. When it is confirmed that you are in established labour (usually around 5 - 6 cm) you (normally your birth partner) then gives me a phone call and I will make my way to your place of birth.

I like the idea of birth photography but am a little unsure about having someone else in the room

You might have noticed that this isn’t a question but a statement that I hear from woman quite often. The thought of having someone other than their partner or midwife there and seeing them in such a vulnerable state is a completely normal and valid concern. Having seen other woman give birth (and given birth myself) before I can safely say that there is nothing that will shock me.

What happens if my midwife is unsure about having a birth photographer?

I am always happy to ring and discuss birth photography with your midwife to reassure her that I do not interfere.

What are the booking requirements?

I require a retainer of half the session fee to secure your booking, I then require the other half payed by 37 weeks.

(I am happy to organize a payment plan over the course of the pregnancy, the full amount would still need to be paid by 37 weeks). I also require a client contract to be signed which is done at the pre-birth meeting.

When should I book you?

 ASAP! I only take a limited amount of birth clients per month to ensure my availability for each birth.


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