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Tips on how to combine travel with studying

Have you been postponing your travel plans and dreams until after you finish university and get a proper job? I know I have been dreaming of travelling since longer than I can remember. I didn’t want to take a gap year though and still felt like travelling is something that I’ll be able to do in not-so-near future. Moving to another country for university has changed my perspective on travel. According to homework helper free you can combine studying full time and travelling, it just takes some planning, budgeting and thought. Here are some of my tips on how you can travel more while at university!

1 . Study abroad

You didn’t expect that one from me, did you? Well, this is plain simple. If you move abroad for university you’re already travelling! You will not be on vacation, but it will be an adventure and a pretty special one. I’ve talked about the reasons to move abroad in your twenties here, because it’s the best decision I have ever made. When you’re abroad, anytime you step outside your flat you’re discovering a new place. And you have the opportunity and the time to create actual, meaningful friendships during your stay. According to find test answers online service you wouldn’t be able to do that if you were only visiting the place for two days.

If you happen to study in Europe, it’s an amazing opportunity for you to visit many different places on a budget. Why is Europe so amazing? Here’s a handful of reasons:

Plenty of places to study for free or with cheap tuition- here’s my blog post on the cost of studying in EU countries

Variety of cultures- Europe condenses a lot of different cultures and traditions within relatively small area and once you’re in one European country you can travel within EU without any restrictions; A lot of good food and drink- you can easily experience authentic local cuisine on your travels and who doesn’t like a real italian pizza and spanish tapas? travel

2 . Take advantage of student exchanges

You can study abroad AND go on a student exchange (hi there!). But if for some reason you’re unable to study abroad for a full degree, student exchange is the answer. According to algrebra homework help service do your research and take advantage of the opportunities on offer. There are countless ways of going abroad during your degree or even still in high school – Erasmus, United World Colleges, or any other organization you find.

It will not only let you travel, but it will be an amazing point on your CV for the future employers. I have listed the 30 benefits of Erasmus here if you don’t believe it!

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