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Birth Photography Client Questions

The look on your face when you see you baby for the very first time, your first embrace, first kiss and your first family photo... Can all be captured for you by an award winning birth photographer - me!

I can be there to make sure the important and precious moments aren't missed or forgotten in the haze of labor, birth and those first precious hours of the beginning of your new chapter. I can make sure you will never forget the moment you met your child and all the overwhelming love and emotion that you felt in that moment. A story you can not only share with your daughter/son when it is her/his turn but also show them what it can be like, how proud you are to call them your son/daughter. That there is nothing compared to a mothers love.

Recently I asked this beautiful client of mine some questions regarding birth photography and she had this to say:

What did your friends/family first think when you said you were going to have the birth professionally photographed and their thoughts after seeing the images?

Some of my family thought it was really cool, mostly the ones that I am really close with. Other family members and friends were really shocked when they heard that I was going to have a Photographer present at the birth. Their immediate thoughts were that there was going to be graphic or "gross" pictures or even nudity involved. Once I had explained to them that it was my choice on what was and wasn't photographed then most came round to the idea. Some friends still didn't want to hear about it but that was their choice so I just left it at that. Others were really keen to see the pictures afterwards. I was very happy that I had two groups of pictures to show depending on who I was showing or what they wanted to see and not one person regretted seeing the pictures. They all thought they were beautiful.

How did you find having a “stranger” present at your birth?

After a few visits with Tamara we didn't see her as a "stranger" any more. Tamara, you are a very friendly person who I felt that I could trust to respect our wishes and you did just that. When it came to the actual day I was still super keen to have Tamara there and made sure that she was aware of what was happening so we didn't miss the opportunity of having our sons birth documented. When we were at the hospital to be honest I forgot that you were there taking pictures because you were very discreet.

How did you feel when you saw your images for the first time and how would you feel if they were now taken away from you?

I was completely blown away. It was a very emotional time for my husband and I and to be able to re-live those precious moments (that are so easily forgotten due to the blur of the day) was amazing. What I found truly spectacular and special was seeing all the things that I missed - The look on my husband’s face when he first saw our son or the look on my face when he was placed in my arms for the first time. I had many of my immediate family present and seeing their reactions was amazing too because at the time I wasn't focused on them, I was only focused on my baby. Then there were all the parts that I missed on the day due to being bed ridden afterwards- the weighing of our son and him getting all of his checks done and being dressed for the first time. I will treasure all the memories I have, both in my mind and photographic, forever. I would be truly heartbroken if I ever lost these special photographs.

And if there is anything else you'd like to add, feel free! :)

Having shared one of the most intimate moments of my life with Tamara, I consider myself lucky to have found a good friend and I wouldn't choose anyone else to take these pictures. I am due to have my second child in August this year and right from the start I knew that I would want Tamara there again. Knowing what was taken the first time and how much I missed due to being wrapped up in the moment, there is so much I want to see for the next and any future children. I look forward to the days when my children ask about their birth because I don't just have to try and remember what happened, I can show them. I recommend Tamara to many of my friends and tell them that it is something that they absolutely must consider!! <3

If you haven't already then make sure you get in touch now and we can work out a plan so you can have ever lasting memories :)

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