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Serene Home Birthing Goddess

I woke to a text at 3:29AM saying, "sorry for the late hour....just going into labor, contractions have started" after a few more texts back and fourth I decide I should get ready and on my way towards Wellington as I was at home in Palmerston North. I stopped in Paraparaumu briefly to check in and see how mumma to be was doing. Contractions still coming, good and strong, I continue driving in. I arrived at 5:45AM at their home in the cool breeze of a Wellington winter morning. I walk in, get the camera out and see the beautiful mumma to be calmly going through another contraction while getting things ready. Dad to be has been awake since 1AM shifting furniture around as they were in the middle of renovations so needed to set the room up. After moving all the furniture round, Dad to be was tired and thought he should catch a quick snooze while things are still progressing. Mumma to be was simply a goddess, the way she went through contractions with the help of her mum was truly special to witness. Big brother and sister woke to the news that baby was on the way, they were incredibly excited! They made a gorgeous banner saying "Happy Birthing" and hung it up across the window frame. With contractions still coming steady and strong throughout the morning and through lunch time the atmosphere where mum to be was laboring was serene - so calm and inviting. While in the rest of the house, it was filled with excitement and eagerness to meet the new baby. Baby was welcomed earth side surrounded by family in the early afternoon and he was simply devine!

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