The birth story of baby Cruze

Read below for the lovely mums story of events.

On this day, 1 year ago...

By now I'd been in what I suspected was early labour since around 2pm. Thought I had a slow leak of my waters. I was 13 days over due and I was desperate to avoid being induced the following morning. It was also the Super Rugby finals night, feat. The Hurricanes (yeah boy!) :D

I'd spent much of the afternoon just walking around the house, double checking the bags were packed and ready about 50 times. Because I knew in my heart, that tonight was going to be the night (a prediction I called on semi-finals night that if the Canes made the final, baby would come on the final).

At 5:30, I eagerly text my midwife with the news that I was fairly certain we were ready to get moving, but she assured me the time wasn't right yet (contractions were still too far apart for her liking). Instead she told me to go jump in the bath. As soon as I hopped in the water, I instantly began to rue her call- all my wonderful contractions STOPPED. Just dead. Like nothing, nada, el zippo. Soaked in the bath till my fingers pruned up, hoping like crazy that my body would get moving again. It didn't. The disappointment was real! That was until I'd toweled myself off, within 5 minutes of stepping out of the bath, BANG, it was all go. Standing up straight was near impossible, and my only solace was crawling around on all fours. It was then that we all knew this was the time- he was FINALLY COMING!!! We got the green light to make our way into Wellington when we were ready.

As strong as the contractions were, I was surprisingly calm, and quite happy to assume my position on the floor as I watched the game (which by this point, had started). I was in no rush to go anywhere, I was watching game mate haha.

The car ride in was uncomfortable, but I was Warrior Mum Queen- I got this!